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Padmasree Dr. Tony Fernandez
Researches and Workshops
Workshops and Symposia:

Workshops, symposia and teaching programmes are conducted regularly at the hospital. He has been invited to many workshops and symposia as guest speaker and panelist in the last 20 years. He has Presented papers regularly in the All India Ophthalmological conferences, state conferences and also in some International and Regional conferences. He chaired and co-chaired many symposia and seminars.


  • 1974 Symposium and workshop on Corneal Diseases and other allied subject in Ophthalmology.Dr.A.B.Rizutti & Dr.Martin Bodian from the International Eye Foundation, Washington, USA,participated as Guest Speaker.
  • 1974 Workshop on various fields in Ophthalmology conducted by Prof.Hruby,Vienna.
  • 1981 Symposium and Workshop on Retinal and Vitreous Diseases: Besides the Various Indian speakers, Dr, Schmtiz Valckenberg (formerly with Prof.Meyor Schickroth, Essen Clinic, West Germany-who introduced Xenon Arc Photocoagulation), West Germany participated in the course.
  • 1982 Symposium and Workshop on Cornea: Dr. Gurbux Singh (New Delhi), Dr.J.Aggarwal(Madras), and Dr.Hudson Silva (Medical Director, Sri Lanka Int. Eye Bank, Colombo) participated as Guest Speakers.
  • 1982 Symposium & Workshop on Strabismus. Dr.Prem Prakash (New Delhi). Dr. Hanumanthaya Reddy (Hyderabad). Dr.Anil K. Bavishi(Ahamadabad) and Dr.C.P.Gupta(Madras) participted as guest speakers.
  • 1985 VI National symposium & Workshop on Glaucoma: Besides the 12 leading national surgeons, Dr.Med.F.Rentsch is participating as chief guest speaker.
  • Satellite symposium on 4th world congress on clinical nutrition at L.F.Hospital, Angamaly.
  • International symposium on IV the world congress on Clinical Nutrition at Little Flower Hospital, Angamaly.
  • 1994 - Wet Lab on Intra Ocular lens and demonstration of live surgery.