Humane .Benefactor. Social worker

Padmasree Dr. Tony Fernandez
National and State Awards:

  • Received the prestigious Padma shri Award 2008 from Smt. Prathibha Devising
    Patil. Hon’ble President of India. 5 th May 2008
  • Received the prestigious National Award given to the Medical Profession by the Medical Council of India, the Dr. B. C. Roy Award from the H.E. The President of India, in the year 1977.

All India Ophthalmolgical Society

  • Life Time Achievement Award of All India Ophthalmic Society for the year 2001.
  • Datta Award given to the President of the Association
  • 50 years of the Science Excellence Award for being Editor from 1987-1991Indian Journal of Ophthalmology.
  • Andhra Pradesh Akadami of Science PadmaBhushan Dr. Siva Reddy Endowment award for the “Best Medico Social Worker”- 1994.
  • Dr. Rastom Ranji Oration Gold Medal from the Andhra Pradesh Ophthalmic Society.
  • Silver Jubilee Celebrations “Humanitarian Service Award” Andhra Pradesh state Ophthalmic Society 2001.
  • Dr. Joseph Gnanadhikam Oration awarad and Gold Medal from the Tamil Nadu Ophthalmological Society.
  • Dr. Dr.Sreenivasa Rao Oration and Gold Medal from the Karantaka State Ophthalmological Society, 1995.
  • Indian Intra ocular Society Award of Excellence.
  • Life time achievement awards from the Cochin Ophthalmic club
  • Sr. C. R. Kesavan Vaidyar Memorial - 2003

Indian Medical Association Awards.

  • Excellence in Professional work award from the Indian Medical association.
  • I.M.A.A.M.S. Dr. P.A. Alexander Oration Award 2006.
  • Awards from the Kerala State Ophthalmic Society.
  • Alexander Oration and Gold.
  • C. E.Ommen Oration Award and citation.
  • Distinguished Alumni Award. Academy of General Education Manipal.
  • Bhishmacharya Award by Ponnara Sreedharan Foundation.
  • Samskrithy Award for Community work.
  • Dr. Fernandez is recipient of numerous regional awards and honours for Humanitarian work undertaken.

Padma shri Award 2008 from Smt. Prathibha Devising Patil.Hon’ble President of India. 5 th May 2008

Golden Jubilee of the Indian Journal of Opthalmology. As former editer receving the first day cover from. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. Hon’ble President of India. on 1st of December 2004

Dr. B C Roy Award 1997 from Srit. K. R . Narayanan. Hon’ble President of India. 20 th Nov. 1997